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I know I already asked this on twitter but I’m still interested in the answer.  What is a good argument for book banning?  Again I like this one I think mostly because it is based on scientific fact- not just morals or whatever.  I honestly can’t think of any good ones so I hope some of you have ideas.  When I think about what other arguments for banning I can’t help but counter them with my own thoughts, feelings, and opinions.  I don’t think hearing a good argument will change my position it’s just that for some reason I have trouble comprehending why people want to ban certain books, and not just censor them from a certain age group or whatever, but to ban them altogether.  I’m very interested to see what anyone thinks and remember that all related comments are appreciated greatly.  Thanks and have a good day. 

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Harry Potter is the Devil

Hello. this video clip is from the documentary The Jesus Camp. It shows a woman saying Harry Potter is the devil. She makes the kids in the video guilty by saying they act differently at school then at church. The reason I wanted to share this is because if there are people that are saying stuff like this, and to be honest I think it sounds crazy, how can we take other religious arguments for banning books seriously when there are people saying stuff like this? This takes away from what could otherwise be a valid religious argument for banning. I don’t know about any of you but the looks on the kids’ faces at the end were kind of disturbing- seeing them all crying and upset. I don’t know. It also makes me question other pro banning arguments that have nothing to do with religion. Anyway what are your thoughts and opinions on the clip? Thanks for reading and PLEASE comment.

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First Post

Hello. My name is Michelle. I am a student who will be blogging about the banning of
books. This blog was made as an assignment for our independent study unit (ISU). We had
to choose a controversial topic and get a twitter account and a blog. As this is my first post
I’m going to explain a little about what I’ll be talking about. I’m going to ask questions like
should books be banned, what books could be banned and why, why people think books
need to be banned and other interesting stuff I find along the way. I’m also creating this
blog to get the thoughts and opinions of people in the real world. So to start off I don’t
think books should be banned, but maybe under certain circumstances they should be
censored from certain age groups. I’m not entirely sure what circumstances though. What
do you think? Please please comment on my blog and if you have twitter follow me there
@bunny_books. If you found this blog through twitter thanks for following/clicking the
link. Happy trails.

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